Unity Day

Unity Day Vallejo    

The Goal is to have more than one Unity Day per year. 

Please join us in helping promote the spirit of unity and collaboration  in our community. Unity Day is an event where Vallejoan can celebrate who they are in forms of music, dance, song, exhibition,  activities, and food. So many beautiful people in town with so many  things to share! It’s a day Vallejo calls its own where we celebrate  us!! 

A day to celebrate our community and to help eliminate  discrimination by our minds and hearts to learn about different  cultures and lifestyles and supporting efforts to work together across  ideological and political lines. 

For More information about Vendor Non-Profit / Profit (Application Fee) / Performers Application or to register for the event, please email We will send you the information needed for 2021 Unity Day Vallejo .

 Sponsored by: Solano Aids Coalition , and other organizations to be announced soon.

Program coming soon