Health and wellness, it’s the buzz word but the truth is it has become a pressing issue in today’s society at so many levels. We are seeing an increase of sickness in our nation that is staggering, an increase in cancer, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, autism, leaky gut, crohn’s disease, IBS, Celiac disease and the list can go on. Health has become a priority in people’s lives, we have come to the realization that the true wealth indeed is our health. Without good health we are limited in many ways, we can be limited physically due to disease or chronic pain, we can be limited mentally do to neurological disorders and we can even be limited emotionally due to the issues we are facing within our bodies. Society is waking up to the fact that sickness has become an epidemic that has found its way into every home and dinner table and is overwhelming the medical community. We are being robbed of our health and this can have an effect in our ability to work, to maintain healthy relationships, to live the lifestyles we want and even our own will to live.

The times we live in are at a much faster pace than previously and demand much of our waking time. We must learn how to slow down even as we move into the future of advanced technology that imposes constant demands of our time. We have fast food, processed food, microwavable food all to meet our time restraints of this fast pace lifestyle. To be healthy, we must get back to the basic roots of living in the most natural sense of the way. What does this mean to you and me? Well, let’s answer that and break it down in a logical way.

What is the most natural sense of the way? It is food consumption, nutrition is the basic element that the body requires to sustain life and growth. Nutrition is one of the most important if not the most important key element in being healthy. When we start to view the human body as a machine and nutrition the gas, oil changes, and maintenance we can have a better understanding of how important nutrition is to the body and in maintaining optimal health. When we eat, we are to eat to support the nutritional needs and energetic needs of the body. So, we should consider the food we eat very carefully.

Would you put diesel in a premium unleaded car? Absolutely not! So what are you putting in your machine? In your body? Are you putting processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods, chemical laden foods, GMO foods, toxins, soda, energy drinks, a flush of caffeine, food like substances? What do you think happens to the body within hours of consumption of such foods and long term? I will tell you, simply put you are stripping your body and depleting your body of nutrients and elements necessary for sustaining life in the body. You are slowly killing your body and it’s ability to thrive and fight disease. What do you think happens when you sustain the body with vibrant fresh green foods, vegetables and fruits that are bright in color, crisp and aromatic, water that replenishes and hydrates the skin, the intestinal track and helps maintain normal and balanced blood pressures? the body flourishes at every level. Foods that are locally grown, certified and GMO free, chemical free, toxin free… not packed foods that have an eternal shelf life. When we add these element’s these superfoods to our body the body starts to live at it’s highest potential. Literally you begin to regenerate your body at the cellular level which will help you combat disease and prevent disease in the long run. The body has been created to heal itself when given the proper elements so even if you are currently facing disease or a diagnosis you can start to heal your body through proper nutrition. You can use a holistic approaching to healing that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Body as the physical aspect providing the purest nutrition and exercise as the oil to your machine. The mental aspect of the body is knowing you are functioning at a higher level which brings clarity and peace of mind an overall good feeling and hope for life. Lastly the spiritual aspect of your being, this is where gratitude comes in, where you are given the opportunity to be your own healer, to work in tandem with God, with the Creator the Universe and manifest your birth right of a healthy life.

I leave you with these thoughts…. What do you seek? What are your challenges? And How can I help you achieve your highest potential in life! Be the solution to the food revolution because you only have one body so take care of it and you only have one life so live it!

Monica Anne Gomez Holistic Health Coach and Educator

Purium Superfoods Partner