Project Give creates a way for families, friends, and communities to come together and help those in need! Working together, we can CHANGE THE WORLD!!! Company Overview 2013 Project Give Event Location & Time:

VALLEJO, CAVallejo Community Center – 225 Amador Street, Vallejo Ca – December 25, 2013 – 10:00AM-1:00PM

(530) 921-4070

1405 Georgia Street Vallejo CA


Project Give – The Art of Giving, was created to help communities and individuals remember that it’s not always about what you “get,” but rather what you “give“.So many families get so caught up in the perceived demands placed on them by the commercialization of the holidays that they simply forget about the bigger picture. The fact of the matter is this: You can spend months buying the best gifts, wrapping them in the most extravagant of papers, and tingle at the very moment they’re opened by your loved ones. However, the unfortunate reality is, the excitement of those gifts will soon fade, and before you know it the gifts may be shoved in a draw or closet, or become lost or broken. And the craziest thing of all, is that by then it may be time to start the process all over again. Project Give creates a way for families, friends, and communities to come together and experience the lasting joys of the true Christmas spirit by providing warmth, comfort, and hope to the less fortunate on Christmas. So, this year for Christmas, enjoy the gift of giving!

General Information


In the Fall of 2008 a very special person told me that they were so tired of the same old Christmas gift drama……….
You run around the stores or click away online, looking for the perfect gifts for your family & friends. Maybe you find a good one, maybe you don’t. Then you have that gift shipped or hand delivered. You feel good because you showed you cared and got to check everyone‘s name off the shopping list. The end. Right?

Here lies the problem: Most of those “cross their name off your list” gifts may feel like they are an easy way to show you care, but truthfully, those gifts are so diluted and often times overrated.

My friend told me that he was, instead, that year for Christmas, going to tell his family and friends that he would be spending Christmas driving around downtown looking for homeless people to give food and blankets to. He said that he was going to tell his family and friends that if they wanted to buy him anything for Christmas, make it a coat or a blanket or even food for needy.

I was so inspired by this idea! Being a single mother, often I found myself starting my holiday shopping in July. Looking back, I can’t believe I allowed myself to get so sucked into these common misconceptions of what the holidays are all about.

I knew that there was no gift that I could buy for my children that would be better than the values that I’d be instilling in them by creating an opportunity for them to GIVE.

This will be our fifth year as a community family to hold PROJECT GIVE! Anyone and everyone, is welcome to help with this project. Various agencies and companies have supported this annual event such as: Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific, Vallejo High School S.A.F.E. (Sex Advocates for Education) & TOP (Teen Outreach Program) Clubs, GVRD, Lowe’s, Solano First Five, Solano Children & Family Services, and many more.

-2008 Tiger Field, Redding, Ca
-2009 Tiger Field, Redding, Ca
-2010 City Park, Vallejo, Ca
-2011 Vallejo Community Center, Vallejo, Ca
-2012 Vallejo Community Center, Vallejo, Ca
-2013 Vallejo Community Center, Vallejo, Ca

The only reason Project Give is able to be successful is due to the hard work put in by my wonderful family & friends, all of my awesome students, my amazing co-workers and the selfless community members who donate items or their time.

Thank you to everyone for your support! I will leave you with this…. instead of people asking people, “What did you get for Christmas?” let’s ask each other, “What did you GIVE?”

PROJECT GIVE….Try something NEW this year!



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